About Us

Promotor and Event Partner

Accellera Entertainment

Accellera Entertainment was formed in 12 July 2013 to create social movement and promote creative music festival in Indonesia. Our vision is to be the biggest creative event and music festival in Indonesia. Most important key to achieve our vision is be creative in every event that we will held.

Accellera Ent has made a movement in education background. We held Simulation of SBMPTN (National exam selection to enter University) in 19 city in Indonesia. There were 50.000 participants in this Simulation.

Accellera Ent was created an creative music festival and concerts. Now, Accellera Entertainment has created the biggest nostalgic festival in Indonesia, The 90's Festival. In The 90's Festival, Accellera Ent bring back all the nostalgic memories from 90's era into a creative music festival. It also livened by 90's memories zone such as 90's cosplay, 90's food, 90's games and many more.

Accellera Ent has created many concerts and music festival with national and international artist. Our event has been covered and promoted by 200 national media. Constantly, Accellera Ent will continue making creative event and music festival in the future based on current development.